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I wanna play a little while : the complete singles collection 1950-1960

I wanna play a little while : the complete singles collection 1950-1960
J.B. Lenoir
2 d.c. + 2 cd
Korea blues

My baby told me

Carrie Lee

Deep in debt blues

Let's roll

People are meddling (In our affairs)

The mountain

How much more

How can I leave

The mojo

I'll die tryin'

I want my baby

I wanna play a little while


I'm in Korea

Eisenhower blues

Tax paying blues

Mama talk to your daughter

Man watch your woman

Mama your daughter's going to miss me

What have I done

Fine girls

I lost my baby

Let me die with the one I love

If I give my love to you

Don't touch my head

I've been down for so long

Mama what about your daughter

Five years

Daddy talk to your son

She don't know

Back door

Lou Ella

Oh baby

Do what I say

Move to Kansas City

I been down so long

I have married

Slow down woman

Livin' in the whitehouse / Johnny Shines

Please don't / Johnny Shines

When I was young / Sunnyland Slim

Bassology / Sunnyland Slim

Worried about my baby / Sunnyland Slim

We've both got to realise (We can't go on this way)

Give me one more shot

Sitting down thinking

I'm gonna die someday

Natural man

Don't dog your woman

Low down dirty shame

Everybody wants to know (Laid off blues)

J.B.'s rock

If you love me

When I am drinking

I don't know

Good looking woman

Yoodoo boogie
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