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The Roots of it all, vol. 1 : acoustic blues, the definitive collection !

The Roots of it all, vol. 1 : acoustic blues, the definitive collection !
Sylvester Weaver
2 d.c. + 1 livret + 2CD
Guitar blue / Sylvester Weaver

Shake that thing / Papa Charlie Jackson

Mr. Johnson's blues / Lonnie Johnson

Match box blues / Blind Lemon Jefferson

Mississippi heavy water blues / Barbecue Bob

Billy Lyons and stack o'lee / Furry Lewis

Jim Jackson's Kansas city blues pt. 1 / Jim Jackson

Dark was the night - cold was the ground / Blind Willie Johnson

Downtown blues / Frank Stokes

Frankie / Mississippi John Hurt

So lonesome / Ramblin' Thomas

Ham hound crave / Rube Lacy

Bull doze blues / Henry Thomas

Kokomo blues / Scrapper Blackwell

Canned heat blues / Tommy Johnson

The four day blues / Ishman Bracey

Statesboro blues / Blind Willie McTell

No no blues / Curley Weaver

Roll and tumble blues / Hambone Willie Newbern

Cairo blues / Henry Spaulding

Pony blues / Charley Patton

When the levee breaks / Kansas Joe / Memphis Minnie

Little hat blues / Little Hat Jones

Little wa diddie / Blind Blake

Last time blues / Charlie McCoy

That's no way to get along / Robert Wilkins

Henry's worry blues / Henry Townsend

Ice and snow blues / Henry Townsend

Outside woman blues / Blind Joe Reynolds

Sitting on top of the world / Mississippi Sheiks (The)

Dough roller blues / Garfield Akers

My black mama part 1 / Son House

M & O blues / Willie Brown

Stack o' dollars blues / Charley Jordan

Howling wolf blues N?1 / Funny Paper Smith

I'm so glad / Skip James

Times has done got hard / King Solomon Hill

Long tall mama / Big Bill

Good gal / Joshua White

Black angel blues / Tampa Red

Midnight special / Lead Belly

Chickasaw train blues (Low down dirty thing) / Memphis Minnie

Milk cow blues / Kokomo Arnold

Lead pencil blues (It just won't write) / Johnnie Temple

Someday baby blues / Sleepy John Estes

Cross and evil woman blues / Blind Gary

Rag, mama, rag / Blind Boy Fuller

Crow Jane / Carl Martin

Baby please don't go / Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers

Somebody changed the lock on my door / Casey Bill

Lone wolf blues / Oscar Woods

Cross road blues / Robert Johnson

Black ace / Black Ace

Prowling night-hawk / Robert Lee McCoy

Shake 'em on down / Bukka White

Old devil / Bo Carter

This train / Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Bottle it up and go / Tommy McClennan
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1.13 ROOT (1)
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Bear Family Records2015
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Soul Bag No.220 p.83 du 15/10/2015 (5/5).
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  • The Roots of it all, vol. 1 : acoustic blues, the definitive collection !
    Weaver, Sylvester; McCoy, Robert Lee; Brown, Willie; Jordan, Charley; Funny Paper Smith; Minnie, Memphis; Temple, Johnnie; Kansas Joe; Davis, Blind Gary; Blind Boy Fuller; Martin, Carl; Weldon, Casey Bill; Woods, Oscar; Jackson, Papa Charlie; Black Ace; Thomas, Henry; White, Bukka; Carter, Bo; Tharpe, Sister Rosetta; Johnson, Blind Willie; Broonzy, Big Bill; White, Josh; Tampa Red; Lead Belly; Arnold, Kokomo; Reynolds, Blind Joe; Bracey, Ishman; Johnson, Robert; Newbern, Hambone Willie; Johnson, Lonnie; Barbecue Bob; Blake, Blind; Jackson, Jim; Holmes, Joe; Stokes, Frank; Hurt, Mississippi John; Ramblin' Thomas; Lacy, Rube; Johnson, Tommy; Blackwell, Scrapper; House, Son; Weaver, Curley; Akers, Garfield; Spaulding, Henry; Patton, Charley; Lewis, Furry; Estes, Sleepy John; McClennan, Tommy; Little Hat Jones; McCoy, Charlie; Wilkins, Robert; Townsend, Henry; Jefferson, Blind Lemon; McTell, Blind Willie; Mississippi Sheiks (The); Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers
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